[Accepted] June's Ban Appeal

[Q1] Provide the Ban link or if none, the reason
[Q2] Did you break the rules knowingly?
[Q3] Do you think your Ban was fair? If not, please provide a reason.
[Q4] Why should we unban you?
A year ago, I was euphoric that I learned how to code hack clients. As a result, I made a terraria client that modified weapon damage. I was really excited when I found out it worked in the server because I expected some sort of server-side interference at best, and proceeded to use it in PvP. Of course, I was adequately banned shortly after. I’ve learned that cheating takes the fun away when I moved on to other games after my ban, and quit playing said games in general. I would like to request to be unbanned as I believe I’ve learned my lesson, and that I claim that I will no longer use hack clients on this server, or any really.

Read all of the rules here and copy exactly the rule(s) you broke/were in issue with.

I just realized that I could click in the ban link to see the specific reaons as to why I was banned. I remembered that in addition to modded weapon damage, I had 7th accesory slots enabled and vanity ones funcitoning. Therefore, the rules I broke are:

Section 5, clause 1, the use of a modded client for PvP, directly resulting in a ban without warning ceded:
People using any sort of Modications for PvP Advantages are deemed worse. Therefore, they should not be warned and instead banned.
Unsure if clause 2 applies, as I had 7th accessory slot and vanity ones enabled; not sure if these are considered exploits or just blatant hacks.

How else did you obtain this functionality then? Normally it is impossible, but you modified your client to do this, no? Not sure how you have just remembered this if you just saw this in the ban link?

I was not sure if it was considered an exploit as it is listed differently to a hack client and its hacks, where I assumed they were mutually exclusive in definition and therefore different. The rules page provided a definition of “exploit” as neither inclusive or exclusive of hacks. I did mod these clients, however, I did mention that I was excited to have learned the ability to code them, and that I made hack clients for other games as well: So in addition to being something that happened over a year ago, I was not able to remember all the features of my hack clients, including Terraria. It seems my use of the word “remember” seems suspicious, please notice how it says my reply has been edited twice: First, I copy pasted the rules that I broke and realized that there was a number next to my ban link. I hovered my mouse over it and saw that it could be clicked, so I did, and found out the reason for my ban around a year ago was listed. That is when I realized that I actually had other “hacks” in my clients as well, and mentioned it after editing my reply to make sure that you would not think that I was purposively leaving out things. The second edit was actually me changing the sentence from “I realized that in addition to modded weapon…” to “I remembered…” because I thought the wording made it seem suspiscious.

To corroborate on my first point, I thought exploits meant something like the old duplicating items with the item frame sort-of exploit, which are not hacks. But regardless, I still broke clause 1, which is worse than any exploit.

Your character had the active effects of vanity accessory slots and the unimplemented 7th accessory slot, so I banned you for client modifications which would be the only way to allow this.
What do you mean by exploits? Do you think you used exploits aside from modifying your client, and if so, what would they be? Not quite getting your point as it appears you only modified your client.

Ok so I did not break section 5, clause 2 then. My point on the whole exploit thing was that I didn’t know if hacks were synonymous to exploits. I did not use any exploits aside from modifying my client. I was just giving an example on what I thought the rules meant as exploits as exploits since it was never defined.

Your ban reason, “Modified client in pvp. Activation of accesories in vanity slots and use of impossible 7th slots,” only mentions a modified client and a description of what modifications could be seen. If any recognizable exploits were used then instead your ban reason would be “abuse of exploits.” Section 5 #1 outlines ** Hacked Clients [or Modified Clients]**, with #2 as Exploits. Does exploitation not have its own definition in the english language like spam or racism? There doesn’t appear to be very much confusion with either chat rules. The rules for modified clients/hacks are explicitly defined as to what can and cannot be done with the client. Under this definition exploits are not considered modified clients, as by definition exploitation ≠ modifying a client. I think the word already has sufficient meaning, “to make use of meanly or unfairly to one’s advantage.” Further definition with context might be “glitches/bugs/unintentional mechanics or behavior used for an “unfair” advantage or to cause issues are considered exploits,” but that doesn’t appear to be considered necessary with other rules not explaining the definitions of fairly well known english words.

Appeal Accepted. If you think the rules should be revised, suggest in #suggestions