[Accepted] Im sincerely, very, extremely sorry For this.

Q1: Dark-gaming.com/ban/1202 which is the link of my ban info.

Q2: No, I was never warned before being banned because they already saw I had the Armor And Wings of the Redigit.

Q3: I think my ban was clearly fair considering I foolishly disregarded the rules such as no Dev. Patch

Q4: First off, I would like to apologize for using developer items and the Dev. Patch. As soon as I was banned I realized my mistake, I’m very sorry and I will not ever make such mistake again. I thought it would be funny using the Red’s Wings infront of people to show off but as soon as I was banned, I felt bad inside. This server is such a nice one and it helps me refill my potions, bullets, and weaponry and armor. I really hope you can unban me for my wrongdoings. I should’ve realized how foolish it was to do that. I really love your server once again, and I’m sincerely sorry.

You are aware that Modified clients are not permitted on this server?

Please respond that you have understood and it will not happen again and I will remove your ban.

/e I would also like to say that you messaged me previously saying you didn’t even have the dev patch now you say you did?

I understand and I swear i will not do it again and if I do you 1000% have full access and permission to ban me permanently and it will not happen again.

Im aware that i did that and i did so because i was desperate to get back on the server. I lied and I also apologize for that too.

If you are caught again with that patch you will be banned and it will not be removed like this one.

Yes sir