[Accepted] I am banned

  1. dark-gaming.com/ban/1153

2.No, and I did read the rules carefully.

3.It was completely unfair

4.Hello, my name is mikeeee and I am very sorry for my actions. I was just playing around until somebody banned me. I have always loved this server and never ever violate a rule of it. I swear I have read all of the rules. I will now take extreme responsibility of my actions and pledge to do what I am told. I swear I mean no harm to anyone and cross my heart too. I can only hope that I will be unbanned and be able to play with my friends again to have a great time.

You had Developer’s Patch which is a violation of the Rules. You contradict yourself saying in one place that you “read the rules carefully” and in other that you “never ever violate a rule of it”. If you’d read Rules carefully, you’d know that you’re breaking them.

You are the only one who’s responsible for the ban, no one else,
you didn’t care about reading the rules, and the ban is the affect of this action.
How can you say that the ban isn’t fair? Only because you were harmed?
First of all, approve that it was fair, as you actually said that you are sorry,
and if you actually say that it isn’t fair, then what do you got the be sorry about?

I didn’t know what “devpatch” meant. I just thought I could have some fun with the stuff and by the way I’m only 11 years old.

And I guess I can say my ban was fair too

Well you’ll need to wait for Unarmedbox to deal with this ban appeal.

You need to remove the devpatch from your computer and the relay that you understand that only the original version of Terraria is permitted. You cannot play on this server with the developer patch,

ok. I swear I wont use devpatch anymore

so… Please unban me?

done deleting it

Alright I will unban you, if you are caught again with a modified client your ban will not be reversible