[Accepted] Hi there

look. i looked up on google “terraria servers that allowed any items” your server popped up
i clicked it, and i read about this great server that it sounded like i would love.
i joined, wearing red’s wings
met a guy named meh, showed him my gear (reds crap) and he says “cool”
so today i saw a gauntlet, i say “can i play it” they say “ok” i go for it, i use noclip with the wings, tell them about my use of red’s wings, they call me modded, they ban. my point however, is that nobody ever told me that i wasnt allowed to wear red’s wings, so now im banned all because of myself asking to pretty much noclip, and if they had just said “WaLe, take off the wings” i wouldve said “ok” and continued on, but instead, they jumped to the conclusion of me being modded, so i was banned, without letting me explain myself.

help, if you can, if you cant, im sorry for using dev wings, i knew they were op, but i didnt realize that they were THAT bad that i get banned without talking.

Hey bro, you have to make a proper ban appeal with the proper Format or you most likely won’t be unbanned… But if it’s in the proper format and you are sorry for breaking the rules (Which are /rules on server to see them) :slight_smile: You’ll most likely be unbanned!