[Accepted] Hex's ban appeal

Okay! Fine! I am very sorry for my hackusating and caps abuse. Just let me tell you the whole story from A to Z.

I was playing on the server with two other people named fierce diversity (Or something like that. It’s been a while.) and derpderpderp ( no, really that was his username.) I was so suprised that fierce was always nailing me! He had a 60 killstreak or something like that! What I didn’t know was his pvp skills were second only to the owners. And derp was rapidly firing rockets.this suprised me because there were no range speed accessories. I never heard about the snowman cannon yet. I was being a real hothead about these powerful players. Fierce threatened to report me, but I wasn’t concerned about this for three reasons:

  1. Reporting wasn’t a command. I checked the command list.
  2. I didn’t think my actions were bannable.
  3. At the time, I thought if anyone deserved to be reported, it should have been him.

But now I see those three reasons were flawed. And I ended up getting banned for life.

Look, I’m sorry for hackusating and caps abusing. I know you denied my last appeal, so I can try to understand if you deny this appeal as well. But if there is still hope for me, I would like to be unbanned. If there is anything I’m forgetting to mention, please let me know.

Use the proper ban appeal found here: https://dark-gaming.com/thread/format-ban-appeal.10

I am Fierce Diversity. Why do you think I was supposed to be the one that was reported? Please explain…

At the time I thought you were a hacker. And for Alien’s reply, I don’t have the URL for the report. I tried to get it by attempting to log in, but it wouldn’t connect at all. Not even the ban URL showed up. I do not think it was worth getting banned for life what I did, but then again this is just one man’s opinion.

Look, your server is the best one I’ve encountered in a long time. With an automatic boss room and pvp arena AND loot storage, I don’t think you could get a better server. The other servers have these features, but the laaaaaaaaaaaaaaaag is so awful on anything else. Please let me back on to my favorite server. I’ll get the URL as soon as I can.

I don’t think you understand. Permanent bans are made not to keep you out, but for you to provide a reason as to why you should be allowed in. For the people that want to stay, they will generally make an appeal, it will get accepted and then they will be allowed back in. Temporary Bans never seem to work, because people just do something else until their ban expires.

Basically, the ban is “for life” NOT because you’re special but because a temp ban doesn’t get the lesson across. Now, use Alien’s link and the insight that popstarfreas has provided to ‘try’ to appeal.

Okay. I understand the reason Here’s the URL, but first I want to mention some notes and questions

This was a long time ago. My rage easily got the best of me. I’m not like that anymore.

I guess I forgot to mention the swear word. Look I told you it was a long time ago.

Question: Fierce, what was your loadout at the time? I just want to know.

Okay, here’s the URL and once again I am very apologetic: https://dark-gaming.com/thread/resolved-report-hex.1833#17686

Wait. Fierce, you said I was banned before this. Look at who was saying that. My text was white, Derp’s was blue. I promise this is the first time I’ve been banned. EVER.

Now click on Alien’s link. Make a new post and follow the format or else all this that you’re doing doesn’t mean anything.

I was banned for caps abuse, spamming, swearing, and hackusating. dark-gaming.com/ban/1233 I did not know these things were against the rules. I thought only hacking and griefing were bad. I thought two players were hacking. I had never heard of the tabi or the snowman cannon yet. I wanted others to get banned. So I was surprised when I got banned myself. Funny thing, I had done this on other servers and nobody ever reported me. Your server is the best one I’ve seen so far. I really like the pvp and boss arenas. I really want to go back to those arenas again. I am sorry for my raging.

So URL, what I did, knowing if i was gonna get banned or not, Whether or not I thought it was fair, apologizing, and saying why I want to go back on the server. If not split into clear sections.

It is all in that appeal. Just thought you might get confused a little on which part’s which.

I checked some other appeals. And found out that I need to put it in format. Sigh, this is gonna take forever.

[Q1] dark-gaming.com/ban/1233
[Q2] No I didn’t know what I did was against the rules. I never got banned for these reasons. This is my first time.
[Q3] No. I didn’t hack of grief.
[Q4] I want to go back in the arenas for battling. Your server is so epic.

You do not think that it was fair to ban you? Then what would be ‘fair’ for someone who is spamming the chat with caps and false accusations and showing reluctance to follow the rules when warned?

If someone is telling you to stop using caps, it is for a reason. Even if you do not believe that it is a rule, you should ask for official information, and they would have told you to type “/rules” and follow the link. There you would have found every rule on our server. Compared to some other servers, our rules are concise and to the point, along with providing a generalisation at the top if you do not have time to or are just too lazy to ready them (at your own risk).

Nobody told me to type /rules. check the report. So I didn’t know what the rules were. I know people wanted me to stop, But I felt so angry. I am very sorry for thinking what I did was okay. And I’m sorry for doing it in the first place.

Oops. The URL I posted just leads back to this page. Use this one: https://dark-gaming.com/thread/resolved-report-hex.1833#17686

You need to make sure you understand my post before typing. I clearly said “if you do not believe that it is a rule, you should ask for official information, and they would have told you to type “/rules””.

Verify that you have read the rules over, and then a decision will be made.

I’m sorry to say I have never asked for what the rules were. I could check them if you would let me back on the server, unless you know a place on this site where I can see them.

Ok. The only rule I saw on there that relates to what I did was caps spam. I didn’t see anything related to hackusating. And unless somebody tells me that racism is related to my swear word, I believe the only rule I broke was the caps spamming.

Seriously, what does racism mean?

You have the internet right in front of you. Try using google.

this is from the dictionary racism
noun: racism

the belief that all members of each race possess characteristics, abilities, or qualities specific to that race, especially so as to distinguish it as inferior or superior to another race or races.
“theories of racism”

•prejudice, discrimination, or antagonism directed against someone of a different race based on the belief that one’s own race is superior.
“a programme to combat racism”

synonyms: racial discrimination, racialism, racial prejudice/bigotry, xenophobia, chauvinism, bigotry, bias, intolerance;

If racism is about races, then why is it against these server rules?

Well, whatever. I’m very sorry for caps spamming and I promise it won’t happen again. I’m even taking calming pills to keep me from raging so easily.

Yes, such a thing does exist, it that’s what you were going to ask.