[Accepted] Grief? i never grief in my life >-<

well…i try to log in today but i have been banned forever cause i have? griefed something…
i never build or destroy nothing on this server…i just PVP with some people…
i just enter to pick some itens and BAM! no more…
can you guys unban me? ¬¬’

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Ops sorry o don’t read the format…well here go:

[Q1] http://dark-gaming.com/ban/111
[Q2] nope…
[Q3] well…i never grief in my life…so its not fair

Yes that should suffice. The person who banned you is ThePunisher so you’ll need to wait until he collects the evidence (if he still has it), posts it here and does the usual.

okay, thx popstarfreas :slight_smile:
and…if i really have grief something, sorry

The grief that was made by you is quite old, why did you come just now?
As part of the grief, some blocks were tken out of my bunker by you, too.
I had no more space in my cloud so they’r deleted (most of the odds or sure).
It is a small amount of blocks anyway.
Did you give your login information to anyone els?

well…sorry for that, i don’t remember…nope i never give my acc info for anyone…can you unban me?
i never get out of the “spawn point”…some times i go to the old spawn but is very rare (the left ocean spawn…yknow…i really like that place)
i don’t play terraria too much but i like this server…

and in the format post make by popstarfreas says
[Q2] Were you warned before being banned?
and i never get a warn…

Consider this ban as a last warning for a grief.
This ban appeal is accepted.