[Accepted] Fierce Deity's Ban Appeal

[Q1] https://dark-gaming.com/ban/931
[Q2] Not sure, I fell asleep.
[Q3] I’m really not sure if it was fair or not. I fell asleep and I’m not even sure what it was for.
[Q4] I would really like to be unbanned because this is my favorite server. I’m not sure what I did wrong but I do apologize to anyone that was affected by whatever my actions might have been. I fell asleep and forgot to log off and I guess that lead to a ban. Maybe it had to do with where I had my spawn set? I have read and understand all the rules. The admin on here are good at what they do so if this appeal isn’t approved, I completely understand. Thank you for your time.

I often see you on but you’re mostly afk half the time, in any case if it something to do with in activity its best if you log off but i doubt it has anything to do with it.

Well I don’t know what else it could have been. I went to my house up above the road and started working on it. I took a break and accidentally fell asleep. My guess is that I died and spawned in the pvp area. I’m still not sure what that could have lead to.

Hmm, whoever banned you should be able to tell you what had happened, just give it a few hours if not days.

Sounds good. It was Sandwich.

I will talk to him later if he is on if not he probably will see this anyway.

Thank you.

You banned? For a grief…? That sounds strange. But I believe you. I know how you much like and respect this server.

Yeah that’s what I thought too, seems too strange… Hmm.

Who knows. Maybe someone impersonated me. I actually have a pic of someone who did but I think he did it jokingly.

Ok. Mind uploading the photo here?

Sure, but this was like 2-3 days ago. How do I upload photos?

[img] [ /img] (with the link of the snapshot you took on steam)

Let’s see if that works.

It works, was Yamik the one who was impersonating you? Keep in mind he could have been using it as a joke.

I said that already Lol. I said he was doing it jokingly in the above post. I’m really curious to hear from Sandwich.

Ah right. My bad for not reading correctly.

The reason for your ban was simple. Summy told me that he had found a large chunk of the pearl stone outside the sandbox removed. I checked the history and what do you know, Fierce Deity. it was, as your ban link stated, about 120 actions, or blocks removed. I have seen you on before, you are fairly friendly, and you tend to follow the rules well. I’m not sure if this was Target or you, but the ban led to you. As with most other bans, since this is a first warning, I will simply ask that you read over the rules, and that you will understand and follow them clearly next time. If you have any questions about them, ask. Next time I won’t be so simple and let you back with a free ticket.

Oh ok. I thought griefing had to do with the destruction of other people’s properties. I was simply mining to farther areas. I didn’t know removing those stones outside were considered griefing. My sincerest apologies and thank you.

The thing is, the tunnel was about 6 or 7 high, and it went back about 20 blocks. It then abruptly ended. It didn’t lead anywhere, and it didn’t connect to anything else. Just read the rules and promise me you wont violate any more rules. Like I said earlier, next time you won’t get unbanned so easily