[Accepted] Fezk3's Ban Appeal

  1. https://dark-gaming.com/ban/3937

  2. I didn’t break the rules. I dont know why but I got ban for cheating on survival but i dont even play it( I know it was for that reason because a discord admintold me the reason ).

  3. I dont think my ban was fair mainly because it was for something i didn’t do and in a mode I dont even play

  4. I think I deserve to be unban because I never cheated, I really enjoy play zombies and Im not toxic to other people, I think Im a good person who deserves to be unban. I’ll be thankful if you guys unban me. Thanks for your help.

You had items that were given out by a cheater that would be impossible for you to obtain at the time.

Exactly as your banlink says, keeping of cheated items is not allowed.
Read all of the rules here and copy exactly the rule(s) you broke.

  1. https://dark-gaming.com/ban/3937

2.#4 Item Drops
Keeping illegit item drops is equivalent to using a Modified Client to spawn them in. Refer to S5#1.

I did break the rules. I kept the items that a cheater player gave me although I didnt know he was cheating. So yes that was my bad for not knowing and dont know that rule.

3.I dont think my ban was fair because as I said I didnt know the rule and also I wasnt the one cheating so I think I deserve another oportunity.

  1. I would say I deserve to be unban because I wasnt cheating, although I know it was my fault for not knowing that rule. This wont happen again so please, I would be grateful to be unban. Thanks

Appeal Accepted.
Keeping cheated items is never allowed as it still provides illegitimate advantages over normal, legitimate players.
If you receive hacked/cheated items you should delete them immediately.
You can report rulebreakers on the server discord in #player-reports http://discord.gg/ZuNQUdZ
In you are unsure if items given to you are illegitimate, you could ask in #general or other players ingame