[Accepted] emoraS Ban Appeal

English is not my mother tongue; please excuse any errors on my part. (It’s my fourth language)
[Q1] Provide the Ban link or number; E.G. dark-gaming.com/ban/555


[Q2] Were you warned before being banned?

No, It was a nice surprise :frowning:

[Q3] Do you think your Ban was fair? If not, please provide a reason.

(I’m not sure if I was banned because I placed some traps in the sandbox)

I do not think that put some traps in the sandbox its an evil activity because its a free-build zone and for this reason i think that the ban was unfair.

[Q4] Why should we unban you?

I did not know it was wrong to place traps in the sandbox, I believed that in that place you could build any structures.
I placed that traps just as a little joke, I never thought I could annoy someone :frowning:
For this reason I believe that I had to be warned before you banned me and also I think that such sanctions should be more relaxed :slight_smile:
Sorry if I bother someone, I don’t going to do it again.
I hope you forgive me and give me another chance :smiley:

Just a forewarning, it was not because of the sandbox. It was because of grief of another persons structure. Might have been the Gauntlet; Unarmedbox will deal with this appeal.

Yes I was made aware that large chunks had been removed from my gauntlet over 300 blocks of it to be more precise, when I rolled you back… If you weren’t even aware you were destroying something should an unban happen? If you can explain your actions would help with the appeal

Sorry for my ignorace, but…
What is a gauntlet?
Is it a structure?

It is a series of glitches/challenges connected together made out of cobalt brick.
It is accessible by a warp plate in the spawn as well as the warp /warp gauntlet1

Ohhhh I know what you mean
In particular this region had a golden chest that contained a Grappling Hook and Fishron Wings. Right?

Now I remember :slight_smile:
I read the 2 signals but didn’t understand what I had to do whit the wings and the hook, after this I started to explore and I remember that if I remove bricks in that place; this bricks don’t appear in my inventory for this reason I thought that this space was one of those spaces that regenerate after a time (like the boss-arena of v3spawn that when the floor is full of things; is automatically cleaned).
Sorry I removed the bricks without thinking, in that moment I don’t thought that I was making something bad :frowning:
I really didn’t know what I was doing, it was my error.
Will you please forgive me?
Next time I will be more careful :slight_smile:

You are referring to places that are protected where you can glitch into an area due to block lag, and them being replaced. The only thing I’m currently wondering is you must have seen that the blocks were not re-appearing… why did you continue

The brick not re-appear but the brick doesn’t appeared in my inventory too.
If I see that the brick appear in my inventory; I immediately would put the brick in place.
I thought that all this space is going to regenerate other day (like the sandbox).
I’m really sorry

I can be unbanned please?

One thing standing in the way of unbanning you at this point in time, how were you able to join the server yesterday without having your ban appeal accepted?


You don’t removed the ban? o_o

Mmmm… I finally update my computer to windows 8.1 and Steam died after the actualization; I have to download again all my games and when I try to join to the server I can do it: I think that you remove the ban and I was very happy and start to play (pvp & I complete the gauntlet in 5 minutes)
But today in the afternoon the ban magically appeared hahaha :(.

I think I have troubles again but I don’t do anything (I dont take any pickaxe for precaution) moments just before I was banned again the people say in chat that all the statistics (the leaderboards) were reseated; and I thought that there was an error with me and for this reason my ban reappear.

If you don’t remove the ban other admin do it?
Or when I download Terraria again the ban disappear? <—(Maybe a bug?)

I’m innocent :S

You were re-banned because we were trying to find out if you were attempting to evade your ban, I will be removing your ban tonight. Please ensure you do not go into areas with your pickaxe, assuming it will just repair. you are crew you can break almost anything. Even the spawn.

I will be more cautious and less impulsive
Thank you