[Accepted] Draconicdemon's ban

[Q1] dark-gaming.com/ban/644
[Q2] I was not warned.
[Q3] I guess it was fair since I was using red’s armor without debuffs.
[Q4] I’m sorry about using red’s armor in the server. I thought since you allowed us to /item it, we were allowed to use it. I had no idea we weren’t supposed to use the armor. I promise I won’t use the armor again and undelete the patch. I sincerely enjoy playing on this server because you can pretty much do what you want other than griefing and using devarmor. I’ve made one or two friends on this server and wish to keep being able to have fun in this world. I have read the rules over and understand now.

If I unban you will you promise to follow the rules that are stated with /rules and do your very best to not break them again? And btw you mean delete not undelete correct?

Yes i mean delete and thank you for giving me a chance to not be banned permanently.

I don’t think you should say that

can u not spam caps and cuss words please. Take your profanity and accusations somewhere outside of this website.


Dont take care about him, its pathetic action and he will be banned from the site too.

These childish actions make me laugh…

Ok draconic now I only need one simple thing. Proof that you deleted the Dev patch. Go into singleplayer and put on the Red’s wings and take a pic of you with Red’s wings on, and getting the debuffs.

umm how to take pic

and is it ok to have the stuff in ur inventory but ur not using it

and how do you uninstall it

I dunno how to uninstall but to take a pic F12 and you can keep it in your inventory

someone tell me how to unistall

so i can rejoin this server

Its working by coded files, just find where are those as they are probably at the terraria game folder and remove them

I’m sorry I’m no help here, I have no experience with Mods ^^ But I think removing the files from the Terraria file then going to My Computer and uninstalling it would work no?

ill try it

i can still wear it after deleting it for some reason

Try re-installing Terraria


nope doesnt work
Can i just swear not to use it again?
If I don’t follow the rules you can just ban me permanently.

Ok draconic I will unban you as long as you swear to not use the Dev patch again, and if I find you wearing it again it is an insta-ban and you will have lost my trust.

i swear i wont use it again

Ok I will unban you but I am dead serious about what I said up there ^