[Accepted] DOOM Slayer's ban appeal

Q1 - Didn’t get any link on email or dark gaming

Q2 - Collecting resorces is againist the rules ?? hm tho i stole and pick up these 18~`20 platinum coins (under spawn) on survival .

Q3 - well i don’t think that ban was fair , 10-12 coins got deleted but companion cube didn’t next day i got banned because one [member] started anoing me and writing that i cheated . I didn’t use any cheat programs so I think ban was not fair.

Q4 - I would be very grateful for the opportunity to visit your server again but because I don’t have a ban link and I don’t think anyone will want to check what really happened. If I knew that the coins were obtained illegally I would probably throw them out. I would love to see the reason for the ban. I apologize for the wrong spelling and server rules that I may have broken (fishing is forbidden?: P)
My honest opinion is that there is no reason to ban me but I would be grateful.
I hope I have not spoiled my mood with some terrible spelling, I am from a country that has a very different language from English

Your ban link is here: https://dark-gaming.com/ban/4380
You can edit your appeal to add the ban link in.

First of all, I saw that someone got my attention to come on survival because someone was hacking and distributing illegal items, then they told me that you and someone else had kept the hacked items. I then kicked you and the other person informing you that you should remove any hacked items that you got from the hacker, quote: “only chance to trash any hacked items that you’ve recieved”. You came on the next day and you still had the Companion Cube which was hacked (meaning you probably bought it with hacked money, making it an item obtained through cheats), so I banned you for it.

I write again after reading the rules.

Q1- https://dark-gaming.com/ban/4380

Q2- no (now I know that yes)

Q3-the reason for the ban was justified

Q4- I have read the rules and am aware of my fault. If I could play your server again, I would be more aware of the rules and avoid breaking them. Additionally where can i find a server with similar pvp experience? well it would be difficult :(I would like to apologize for breaking the rules. I am asking for one more chance.I apologize for the mistakes but I have problems writing sentences in English.For those who read have a nice day :slight_smile:

Seems good to me.
Just remember to always trash hacked items, no matter the circumstance.