[Accepted] Dark gaming i'm sorry

[1]i was mad that time becuase they remove the Helper from me and some Players i talk bad words and Dirty words so i’m sorry about that

[2] don’t now Actually maybe feb or march 2014

[3]3 or 4 months maybe

[4]I did not in the server that time i was in the website talking to rofl

[5]Rofl [Owner] sorry for that man

[6]no its was Fair i’m was in that time wrong

[7]i mean i like this server and really it was a hard Time [OUT] of the Server and i helped alot of People i here stand and say i swear i well not do anything Bad and Anything get mad For Any one and again i’m Sorry i know was wrong all this 6 months thinking about what i well gonna say to the People and Finally i found the brave inside me and come to you guys to say something Always want to tell and that’s it i hope you unban me

By:4zz4m Thank you all for reading my words <3

4zz I was around you a lot on the server and I almost never saw you being dirty. (Although that may have changed) But rofl banned you certainly for a good reason. I would recommend editing, capitalizing, animating thread appeal better.

i don’t know what you mean and remeber english is my second languge

Write it in your fist language then translate to English.

i do it but google translate is bad

wait if this happened on the website then why is he banned on the server ? I mean wouldn’t that be a website ban.

idk really but after he say i will ban i enter the server with another account and nothing happien when i come back tomorow its ban

I wouldn’t do that. It’s avoiding your ban and you can get into big trouble for that. Also admins can check your ip, So it’s not like your invisible when you come in with a different character.

Also, 4zz your estimate for when you were banned is wrong. I estimate it was in March Or February. That is about when I saw you last. You are one of my friends and I wasn’t even here at December 20 2013 xD.

also, it says u joined in 2014…

really ?i was busy cuase we move on to come back to my home town and its was along ride my maybe in the car like 3 days i forget i’m sorry i will fix that !

Um maybe he joined the server then he just got crew at that timt


for translation use word reference.

That is correct. He was never a problem until after the realization that he wasn’t doing his job. I most certainly do not remember many seeing his shouts as I removed them in violation of posting rules which at the time were quite vague anyway.

I don’t have an issue with you coming back as I mostly wouldn’t. Your past actions were only the minority of what you have proved yourself. But I wouldn’t be so sure on applying so soon as you must prove yourself worthy of the position.

All that you need to do at this point is agree that you will not violate any of the rules in future and that you will maintain a certain level of respect for those you speak to; especially those that take care of this community. If that seems fair enough then I will be willing to unban you.

okay done i agree and i will respect the rules but please i swear i Changed please forgive me that day i was in rage becuase some family Troubles i’m sorry and its fair enough

Is this accepted closed or somthing

The Ban appeal was recently accepted. The thread is now closed.