[Accepted] Chur's ban appeal


I wasn’t actually hacking. I was saying that for a joke. I had a autosurvival server on there which is why i want to get unbanned. Could you also tell me the password for “Rak” that was my old password and I forgot it

Please follow the format.

If someone says they’re hacking, and I don’t have the time to confirm it, I ban them. Better than leaving them online if they really are hacking.

Im not sure if I was breaking the rules or not i will read them

I dont think your sudden ban was fair as I was not actually doing anything.

If you could please unban me and I wont be mention about hacking or cheating (if i was cheating or hacking I actually wouldn’t mention anything around it)

The reply you have wasnt a really valid reason on why you should just ban people for saying something that is false.

You were banned for claiming to be hacking, not saying something false. If you would have said “2+2=3” you would not have been banned. The two just happen to have coincided.

I asked you if you were hacking, and you did not reply. All I had to go off was the direct statement you made, which was that you were hacking. Being unable to verify the claim, I banned you, so that it could be cleared up later (as is being done now). A single hacker can completely disrupt the balance and pacing of survival for everyone playing it. Therefore my action of suspending you from survival was completely valid, as it minimized the overall possible damage.

Not exactly sudden, as I did question you (you failed to respond). The above paragraph makes it fairly clear that you were indeed doing something.

Generally, claiming to be hacking is a bad idea (and a great way to waste Staff time). If you want to joke about such a thing, applying sarcasm is generally the way to go (an example of which is alternating between capital and lowercase).

Since you did not respond in-game, we instead had to communicate this way. Bans are rarely intended to be permanent, but more of a way to guarantee that the player understands what is and isn’t acceptable.

Read through the rules and tell me when you have done so.

I have red all the rules. Could I plz get unbanned