[Accepted] Chuckles Ban apeal

E.G. dark-gaming.com/ban/317

I was not warned before being banned

I think my ban was unfair.(1)I was not Warned
(2)I was not killing people when he took screenshot

The reason you should unban me in because i have learned my leason i had no idea that was a rule and can i pls have a second chance.

ThePunisher will be dealing with this appeal. However, you realize the “Have you been warned” question is not implying you should have been warned. It is important for you to read over the server rules as we expect that by playing on the server you automatically agree to servers rules and are responsible for any crimes against these rules.

i have read all the rules and if i am able to get back on ill will fallow them

I would like to ask you why you thought using [colour=red]godmode[/colour] in pvp was acceptable. Its obviously unfair and saying “I had no idea” is not a good excuse. Also, are you a crew or member?

yes i am

Please give more detail/answer my first question. (I would like to ask you why you thought using godmode in pvp was acceptable ) It seems like you don’t care about being unbanned.

Slayer has asked and I will ask you again, why were you using godmode, but not only that, DURING PvP too?
thats also really short appeal, whcich in fact doesnt gives you much credit (Look about his locked one and the times of the written 2 last comments)(Im not on my computer right now)

im only 12 i did not know better my freind told me to try it out

and now i get banned for trying somthin out my freind told me to

i just really want to play im bored and ur the only server i have

Some of the people are younger than you and also members as they already know it forbidden, your age isnt the thing. Why do you listen to a friend who makes you do bad things without even thinking about the results of them, as you know that alll the “legit” servers, other then us, are not allowing the use of hacks?
its your fault as you dont think about the actions you take


Had a small conversation with the player and I decide to un ban him.