[Accepted] BurnedProphecy's Helper Application

Q1. In game i am known as Solomon but out of the game i’m known as Nick, you can address me as whichever you like.

Q2. I have played on this server for quite awhile with multiple characters and am on quite often for at least 1 hour at a time to about 4-5 hours of play time in 2-3 days.

Q3. I would like to be a Helper because the people on the server are fun and have been great to me since I’ve joined, its always full of players and constantly changing and i could think of nothing better than to become a part of this server and the staff. since I’ve joined the server I’ve helped players out and only made friends from it and only wanted to help out more.

Q4. I am 19 and out of school, i love video games, movies and sports, i’m friendly and easy to get along with and i’m a lover not a fighter.

Nice app. Nicely written too. Also, he is a good person on the server. +1

cool app you really desrve the helper good write and good person 1+

Good job, I do like this app. +1

Good app! Only a few errors, But never the less! Best of luck!

This needs a Bump.

Very good and well typed. Cöngräts!

Solomon is a trusted friend and is very qualified for this job +1

solomon is a good guy, Very helpful on the server, Very active, Great spelling and grammar this definitely deserves a +1

Oh yeah, I forgot to give you what you deserved in the first place XD. +1

This Application has been Accepted. The Account “Solomon” has been promoted to Helper.

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