[Accepted] Billy's Ban Appeal

[Q1] Provide the Ban link


[Q2] Did you break the rules knowingly?

Yes I knew I was breaking the rules.

[Q3] Do you think your Ban was fair? If not, please provide a reason.

Yes I was doing something stupid and unfair to every real player.

[Q4] Why should we unban you?

It has been almost a year since I was banned I thought of it as nothing but now feel why theirs a reason these things are ageist the rules I think I can help grow the community and join as a respected member I think I can learn from what I have done. I was stupid I realize by doing what I was doing I was ruining it for every good person and admin I honestly think I shouldn’t be unbanned but I’m giving it a shot. I have matured over the around 8 months I think I’ve learned what admins do is hard and tough for them to do I am honestly sorry for everyone I caused trouble to if I could I would apologize face to face. I understand that I will be watched or looked over on and have no chance to be a admin or mod I just I think I can help by reporting greifers hackers and more instead of being one. I hope someone will look over this and make a good choice either it being to keep me banned or to unban me have a nice day.

~ASMaster (Billy)
[Edited by popstarfreas, 11th September]

Your writing contains a lot of orthographic errors. Have you not learnt about capitilisation yet?

Rofle not everyone has real good grammar and some of them are quite young but in that paragraph i saw someone who wants to be apart of the community so i would give him another chance

I didn’t bother with the grammar, I cannot read something that has so many orthographic errors.

okay man if u wont really bother to read it

Ok I found a program that did it automatically, so now it is readable and respectable as a ban appeal. Here’s a few questions:
If you knew it was against the rules, why did you break them?
And further to that, why would you make it so public that you were doing so?

I’ll give this 1 day, and then I’ll close it due to no response.

i knew it was against the rules but i did it because i guess i thought i was in power and i ruled the server even though that’s not true i thought hacking would make me the powerful one the guy who would rule the server and be awesome but that’s obviously not the case. I made it public to show people i was in power i was the ruler and no one will beat me and i was banned completely fairly i get that and i guess i really wanted to be the one in power for once.

My apologies for interjection, but I couldn’t stay silent after seeing this.

I understand the feeling of being in power, but you must remember that you don’t know what your doing.
Rofle / Popstarfreas knows this server inside out because he designed it, and thus, he is the just and fitting ruler. If someone were to take over the server, in my opinion, it would ruin it.

I agree completely i’m just stating why i think i did it

I see. Well, it’s Rofle’s ban so Im going to leave this to him. I trust he will make the right decision, whatever that may be.

rofle where are you???

Unbanned. Don’t break the rules again.