[Accepted] Banned?

no i was no warned before i was banned, i was afk and when i got back i was banned
no, i did nothing wrong
I have never done anything ban worthy and i am always trying to be the best addition to the dark-gaming team.

  1. You should bold the questions and write them down
  2. Follow the format of Ban Appeals
  3. The Appeal should take more than 30 seconds; that shows that you don’t really care to get unbanned.

This will help you getting unbanned immensely.

Oh hey you were on yesterday, the guy with 505k DP I’ll help you out why you were banned.

State of Ban: In-Effect
Banned by:ThePunisher
Reason: Grief - 36 blocks, elevator to the Bosses arena
Expires: Never
Date: Today, 5:12 pm

Raiku02, were you the one that banned him?

did you ever give your login information as you dont even knows what
is the ban amount?

no i did not

Then why did you break the wall to the bosses arena?

i diddnt mean to. I sometimes swing whatever’s in my current hotbar slot, i do not know why i do it.

Don’t do it again with any axe / hammer / pickaxe .
You are now un banned.