[Accepted] Banned for advertising.

Banned for advertising. (No ban number/link)

I got banned about 5 minutes ago for saying “I can’t find the link to TShock”. I wasn’t aware that saying that was against the rules, and I’m sorry.

I just found out about this server a week ago or so and it’s really awesome and fun!

I think I should be unbanned because I didn’t think that asking for a link would be against the rules.


(IGN: Wayhi)

The server figured you were posting an IP. The way it currently is, attempting to say an IP in the public chat (not /w, /p etc.) will cause you to be automatically banned. The only things currently unaffected by this, is the names of Terraria versions, which can be said without an automatic ban occurring.

Using phase.dark-gaming.com for questions like this (if the questions is allowed by the rules) is the best way to do it, as it doesn’t have the auto-ban in place. Although using Phase to break, or avoid rules may also result in a ban (use responsibly!).