[Accepted] Ban Appeal

  1. dark-gaming.com/ban/3569

  2. I kind of knew it was a bannable offense but at the same time i thought “since im only duping items, it isnt that bad”. I did use TPatcher but all i used was the dupe items plugin. I cannot say who gave me the stuff to duplicate, but someone gave me the stuff to duplicate. It was in survival mode.

  3. I believe my ban was fair but at the time i did not know duplicating items was a bannable offense, now i do know that is a bannable offense.

  4. I believe you should unban me because i showed proof of me deleting TPatcher to the discord and i know never to do it again (because this is the best server i have ever been to, and its super fun.)

First I’ll question your reasoning as to why a modified client wouldn’t be “that bad.” So we’re in the weekly cycle of survival in which we grind & kill bosses. Then, one such as you comes along, and duplicates whatever that they have, as they will it. Now, I repeat. So we’re in the weekly cycle of survival in which we grind & kill bosses. Now I pose more questioning. If survival, to you, is not that bad to cheat items in, then why not just play pve? It has a dedicated arena and easily spawnable mobs & bosses. Doesn’t cheating in items nullify the potential satisfaction of survival, where you are progressing past each point in the game alongside others? Or might the desire to save time–and ingore rules in the meanwhile be most satisfying? And also, you were using rapid healing and shooting chlorophyte leaves with solar armor; do you consider that duping?
And I’ve seen your discord videos. What occurs in them matter little to me, as it can easily be undone, but what I’ll take from them is your word not to use hacks again.

I believe the modded client wasnt “that bad” because all i was doing with it was trying to duplicate items, yet i see why you believe that is bad. I tried the PVE and it was not interesting for me, and i think cheating in games makes them funner for me. I do like the satisfaction of going through legit, but that is very time consuming sometimes and i was getting nowhere in the survival. Also, when i used the TPatcher, i did not know the “rapid healing” and the chlorophyte leaves were on. And yes you are correct, i will never use hacks again on terraria (only on your server ;D )