[Accepted] Ban Appeal

  1. this is the ban link: dark-gaming/ban/3227
  2. I did break the rules knowingly, but I wanted infinite jester arrows on survival. I may have been also caught out for mounting my Scutlix while joining and remaining on, but when I got banned I wasn’t on it and the only hack I was using was the full-stack of arrows I was using.
  3. I think it was and wasn’t fair, because i only got warned about the mount thing. When I got back on, i wasn’t warned and it said my timeline collapsed. so idk, it isn’t my decision if it was or wasn’t fair.
  4. I love this server, especially zombies and survival. I am sorry about using infinite stacking and mounting a scutlix (i think this is called “exploiting?”) and i want to get back on and help the people out on survival so we can all defeat the moon lord WITHOUT hacks. I am sorry, a friend told me about this hack and i thought it would be a useful thing. again, i am sorry and wish to vote for the server and play again. This server is by far the best server because of survival and zombies. If you wish, i will only open terraria Normally without hacks.

This was your inventory at the time when you were banned: https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/459820219330985994/506147084836143114/Untitled.png

So, not only did you hack after I already leniently gave you a warning to stop, but now you are lying about it in your ban appeal. Why should I unban you?

I know, that is a side effect. It duplicates EVERYTHING in the inventory.
I usually keep a record, so after I can delete and return all my stacks to normal (except for the arrows).

Also, u told me to stop EXPLOITING whatever the f that is. I know it has something to do with mounting the scutlix and bringing the stardust dragon buff into the world. that wasn’t hacking tho.

Why did you not include all this in your initial ban appeal? Please state each rule that you broke and how you broke them.

the exploiting thing I think. Idk if it was a rule. and the hacking part (filling my inventory into stacks)

Just keep in mind I don’t OFFICIALLY know what exploiting means, I will search now.

Ohhhhhhhh! it is a verb I see! sorry.

Ohhhhhhhh! it is a verb I see! sorry.

Read the rules here: https://dark-gaming.com/thread/dark-gaming-terraria-server-rules.421

and then tell me which rules you broke, how you broke them, and if you intend to ever do it again.

Section 8: Bugs and Exploits
Section 5: Exploits
Section 9: Exploits
these are like the same thing im pretty sure.
Section 5: Modified client.
It sorta, when I was going into world chests, affected everyone else because when they went into it, or the 4 trash cans in survival (im talking about survival, I swear on my life I haven’t done it anywhere else) and it immediately duplicates all item to 999 or their max stack. If I have missed something, please tell me, and I will think about how I broke it and respond sincerely.

I intend to never break these rules again, and I am sorry, and hope I will never have to make another ban appeal here.

I have decided to unban you after your apology and intent to not break the rules again.