[Accepted] Ban appeal

  1. http://dark-gaming.com/ban/3040
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  4. Good evening, I am ASgo, I did a ban appeal before: https://dark-gaming.com/thread/denied-ban-appeal.2675
    (I forgot password for my ‘ASgo’ account at this website so I created a new one)
    In the previous ban appeal I didn’t answer your last reply because I was having exams at university and a severe depression due to some life circumstances at the same time. All I needed from games etc was getting positive emotions, while making a ban appeal and apologizing does the opposite. I do not justify my behavior, I just explain the situation. Due to my IP being dynamic, the easier way for me was to wait for a half a day after the ban and evade the ban.

Now when I am almost fine I want to apologize for using modified client which was the original reason of my ban and especially for evading bans. I never meant to harm the server or server community or anything else related to server. I also really enjoy the pvp balance, dimensions system and the server as a whole. If you ask my friends in Terraria, you will find out that I told almost everyone about this server and about how amazing is pvp on it.

Earlier you asked me to explain why modified clients are not allowed in my own words. If I would make the rules for an abstract server then I would explain it this way:
There is no anti-cheat in Terraria, so all that remains for the server is to trust new players. However, if once this player loses credibility in consequence of a violation by using a modified client, the chance that such violations will repeat greatly increases. This is how the player stigmatizes himself for a long time.
I was working on my client for like 3 years but the point of it always was to bring people joy. Drawing symbols, beautiful mathematical curves, playing music, etc. And things like aimbot I did just as a challenge since then there was no analogue. I never use it nowadays and I used it before only when someone asked me to use it for training. I never published or sold it or even make an attempt of such action,
because I understand that it could ruin pvp completely.
I have no reason to use it because my goal is not glory or victory. My goal is to find new people to communicate with (even though I am a bit taciturn). I don’t consider victory with cheats as a real victory and I would rather feel ashamed of this.

I understand that at this point there is no reason to believe me but maybe other players can tell you about whether I’ve used any cheats since my ban. I did ban evade, this is true and once again I am apologizing for that, but I never used cheats that would somehow give me an advantage over other players.
We all are people and we all make mistakes. I hope you will understand my situation.

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It is probably easy to misinterpret both the ban and the responses to the ban appeal. Firstly, a ban itself is not like most other servers, it is on purpose that we do not state for the most part that bans are permanent, because for almost every one of them, they are not. Instead, the purpose of bans is to force a discussion about an issue regarding a player so that they may understand that some actions they took on the server were in violation of the rules. For your previous appeal, you did not need to explain yourself why a modified client was forbidden, as I said that if you could not, I would need to clarify. As I said, the purpose of an appeal is to ensure that a player understands why they were banned so that they do not get banned again.

Further, this server from the beginning has set out to ensure one thing for all, and that is fair treatment in regards to the rules. This means for things like Modified Clients, it is much simpler to say that they are banned absolutely rather than allowing specific exceptions. Otherwise if users find that another is using one, they may think it is acceptable to go download the latest modified client and start using all of its features. So, if a user is seen to be using one, regardless of whether they are using it to their advantage, they are violating the rules. This holds for any and all members, staff included (and examples exist where such staff were banned).

Finally, I am also in University and understand the pressure of exams. Not everyone can admit fault and there have been some long standing members that did not recover after being banned. (Some like you, decided that changing their IP was a better solution). Ending at the beginning: the purpose here was to discuss what happened and why we do not accept the behaviour, once you understand that there is no longer a need for you to be banned, so I have removed all bans that I could find (Not sure how many there were) that were made for you.

“I was working on my client for like 3 years”
So does this mean you know C#? If you can program then there is a big need for another dev at Dark Gaming since I’ve been the only one since the beginning.

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Thank you very much!
Yes, I know C#, but I wouldn’t say that it is a deep understanding. I can call my C and C++ understanding deep, while C# is just a similar language where I can use my C and C++ knowledge. All these 3 years I used C# capabilities as needed. So for example I never needed events feature etc. Only a few last months I’m into such stuff, because I tried to dive into plugins development. And nevertheless, I would be happy to help the server than I can!

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