[Accepted] Ban Appeal

  1. http://dark-gaming.com/ban/3101
  2. I did not know i was “breaking the rules” but i did read the rules.
  3. No it wasn’t fair, i didn’t have any “PvP Buffs” if i did i would’ve known i did.
  4. I should be unbanned because i didn’t break rules, and i read over the rules, apparently i was though, also heres why:
    I was on PvP and i saw a hole in the top of the map, i asked the helper to tp to me and he couldnt see me or the hole he said, so i rejoined, same thing happened, then i rejoined and the hole was gone and the helper could see me this time, then i got banned for “Modified buffs in PVP” I didn’t have any modified buffs in PVP as i was trying to solve a problem, i did not even attack a single player as most of the weapons i had weren’t allowed because most were magic weapons.
    I am somewhat sorry that no one could see me while i wasn’t either PVP’ing or couldn’t be seen, as i was trying to solve the problem, not exploit it.

Thank you for trying to bring a perceived issue to the attention of our Staff.

This is a picture of the buffs you had on when I banned you, taken via our inventory viewer.

You have the Happy buff which is gained from sunflowers, despite there being no sunflowers in the arena. You also have two different armor set bonuses; Rapid Heal from Palladium armor and the Stardust Guardian from Stardust armor. You did not have both armor sets on you, and so you did not switch them out in order to have both buffs for a short time. This is clear proof that you did indeed have modified buffs.

I do understand yes i did have modified buffs, but i didn’t use them to my advantage as i said, i couldnt pvp anyway because most of my weapons i had werent allowed, but rather than that, i will gladly remove my buffs, as i was using them in siingleplayer and i did not remember to remove them when i joined the server.

As the Rules state, just having a modified client is a violation.

Then there is no reason to keep you banned, as you understand why you were banned, have read the rules, and will no longer break them.