[Accepted] Ban appeal

[Q1] dark-gaming.com/ban/2665
[Q2] Yes. I think so.
[Q3] Yes. It was fair.
[Q4] I did so many stupid things for last 7 months and on foreign servers everybody knows me as hacker, cheater. I want to back into pvp-world. But without using this… you know what i mean. And i want to get my honor back. And yeah, thanks Lord Avery. He gives me some food to think. I had been thinking about it four months long. And i don’t know better server for pvp then this. And i need a lot of practice with my rifle. Can you give me this opportunity?

Fairly nice appeal, not much for me to say.
Just read the Rules, and let me know down below when you have.

If you’re interested in PvP, it might be good to know that ours has changed a little bit.
A lot of weapons now have custom damage/velocity (original thread here).

I have just read it. All clear (i think…).

And yeah, i didn’t understand what was changed in pvp. Really.