[Accepted] Ban Appeal

  1. I dont know a ban number, and i been banned automatically.
  2. i was advertising a server adress that i didnt know that was a default adress for everyones ip.
  3. Its not fair because why cant there be some warnings BEFORE banning someone forever?
  4. Im only ten and i cant find legendary tools for my reforgements and this is the only best free item server i know that has every SINGLE item, even target dummies! plz unban me! and if you do unban me, my in-game name is Keagan

P.S, I will read the rules next time THX VERY MUCH POPSTAR!

You think it’s not fair because you wanted a warning before being banned forever. However, what you do not realize is that is exactly what has happened. This ban appeal is the process that verifies you have read the rules, and that you understand the warning (which is a ban in this case) that was given. Most likely your ban appeal will be accepted. This is why we have them.

Since this is an auto-ban there’s not much to say other than, make sure you read the rules over and understand what they mean. The server intends to be self contained; it’s not an advertising market. If you want to converse with others about your own or another server, you can contact them on steam, or maybe go to the Terraria Forum’s.

You’re unbanned. Just don’t do it again.