[Accepted] Ban Appeal

First of all, sorry for being a naughty guy

  1. I don’t have a banned link
  2. as far as i know, i accidentally break the rules. And its says that cause by advertising. I don’t know that my last sentence is part of advertising. Because someone ask me about that kind of game, so I replied him. But, that time that I’ve been banned by advertising.
  3. I think it’s unfair for me. My last sentence is “I’m finish of FnaF 1, 2, 3, and 4” because, he ask me of what part of FnaF(Five nights at Freddy’s) that I finish it. So, I’m always thinking that, that kind of sentence is not part of advertising. If i say to him that “Hey, FnaF 6 is coming soon!”, that sentence is part of advertising.
  4. I hope that i can be unbanned because this is the only I know that it has free items, and great constructions. And I have a lot of experiences in this server because even my account in t.dark-gaming.com can’t connect to my terraria, I’m still happy because it doesn’t affect to my character if i want to get items as much as i wan’t. And, about the staff members here, like A69PL, Gold, Razor, Leon, Slayer, Tonnage, Lord Avery, and especially, DG. their so kind if you wan’t to talk with them. And, even my mac is to lag if i get in the server, it’s ok on me. it’s better to have lag in mac rather than to have viruses that cause hangs. And, I’m so sorry about your warnings on me.

You were banned because of “1,2,3,4”. Please use proper English and put spaces between your comma’s: “1, 2, 3, 4”. Any form of four numbers separated by either a “.” or a “,” is blacklisted because people will use them to advertise IP addresses.