[Accepted] Ban appeal

[Q2] I did not break the rules purposely I was trying to get someone to help me kill the moonlord on my world
[Q3] I believe the immediate banning of myself was not fair as some people (such as myself) jump right into boss fights or the free items area and they should receive a warning first as we didn’t know it was against the rules to post server IP and port
[Q4 you should unban me because I love going to the server and because I will never advertise or share IP/port again also it was my first time ever being banned on a server.

Please provide the ban link, it should say it when you attempt to join the server.

when i attempt to join the server all it says is “you have been banned forever: Advertising”

Oh, it was most likely a force ban then.
You should read the Rules to understand that the ban was fair. Please quote the section of the rules that proves the ban was fair.

#10 Advertising
Publicly displaying, trying to display or sending anything closely related to a foreign IP or domain is forbidden. This includes IPv6, IPv4 and local network IP addresses. If you are wanting to tell friends of another server, use “/w” to directly chat to the player. You are allowed to advertise a domain such as “youtube.com” as it is already commonly known and not directly associated with our servers content and environment.

this is the section however there should at least be an on server warning.
but the ban is fair

Appeal accepted, tell me your in-game name and you will be unbanned.
Welcome back.


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