[Accepted] Ban Appeal: New

I was banned for greifing the chest room or the v1spawn.
I was banned today at around 12:00
I was in the pvp arena when I was told that I had griefed and that I was going to banned.
It was Legoman who had banned me after I lost connection.’
I think it was unfair because I had done on accident.
I should be unbanned because I am a great builder and I love this server and when I found out that I was being banned, I was sad due to the fact that I was being banned for accidental griefing.
Sorry for the constant use of I, I didn’t have anything else to use.
Thank you for listening

Are truly sorry for your actions?

Yes I didn’t mean too.

Well, it was only 10 blocks, and you said you are sorry… I do not want it to happen again, and please do not have your pick/ hammer out all the time.

Next time you won’t be so lucky, you are unbanned, thread now closed.