[Accepted] ban appeal FuzzyPanda




no it banned me for grief.


I think my ban was not fair I didn’t destroy anything and I think I must have been mistaken


you should unban me because I love the server and I wouldn’t have destroyed anything also I help loads of people on a daily basis on the server.

I hope you unban me -fuzzypanda

One picture to sum it up.

sorry I needed to make a base under ground I’m sorry and I don’t expect you to unban my :frowning:


I thought that it was outside the area of build


The snow was manually edited and there’s a placed sign warning about
destruction of the area.
Get to the Terraria server rules on the forum and read them all;
If you do not understand any of the rules then feel free to ask,
if you have no problem understanding - post it and you will be un-banned.

I have no more probs thx so can I be unbanned???

plz answer back if I can be unbanned :’(

I relly miss this server :frowning:

A small notice-
If you do know that you destroyed something, don’t say you didn’t.