[Accepted] AwesomeFM Ban Appeal

[Q1] Provide the Ban link or number;
Greifing spawn
[Q2] Were you warned before being banned?
No I wasn’t
[Q3] Do you think your Ban was fair?
It is fair though I did not grief intentionally.
[Q4] Why should we unban you?
I believe you should unban me because I want to do do better and I can if you let me. Please give me a second chance I help a lot around the server and I did not intentionally grief spawn and im sure lots of people support me. I really love this server and the great community. Its the best server I’ve ever seen so it would suck to be banned for ever. I’m really sorry for this grief I’ve done but I can assure you it wasn’t on purpose. I really want to play on the awesome server again. I nearly had helper. Please unban me.

Even if you did this on accident, it will automatically cancel out your helper app. I might let you do it a day or two early but yeah your app is denied. If you make another one try to change it up a bit. Good luck with your appeal.

Thx, I guess

probably a bit more on [Q3] and bold you questions with before you questions and after the questions. please.
no space for [b ].
and no space for [/b ].

Why did you greif? Was it a “mistake” like all people who greif? Give the superiors a good reason to unban you.

I didn’t even know i griefed

I ment the whole question

guys i dont think awesome will do it again (if he did grief) he is a nice guy give him a second chance plz he is one of my really good friends on dark gaming plz listen to me.

but everyone that gets banned doesn’t get unbanned that easy.
i never got a second chance.
he has to make a ban appeal like everyone else.

i feel sorry for him

same but these things happen

same but these things happen

remember rules are rules i broke them once put that’s a different story he has to go through the same as all the other people how get banned or its not fair

you mean unbanned?

Indeed, you griefed blocks out of the spawn.

as by the amount of the rolled back blocks on the spawn, I didnt see anymore blocks that were griefed.
I’m not sure about 100 blocks grief, but I’m that it’s more than 50 blocks.

There were more players who griefed the spawn by mistake and I can bring you at least 2 players who griefed
the spawn by mistake, and by the amount of ban appeals topics about spawn griefs you should have been aware about
the spawn grief.

Hey! I told you that you were greifing before! You ignored me and continue making a camp hole for your pvp needs.

EDIT: I warned you before that you were griefing

@KRONOS, he does not have to bold the questions. Apologies for the slight derail.

slayer you never warned me and if you did i was afk and im really sorry i did not realize it was part of spawn. I understand i am responsible for this and I willnot grief again.

I did warned you, but you seem really sorry about this… Well, its up to punisher to un-ban you or not.

Awesomator was un-banned.
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