[Accepted] AwesomeBeastly08's Helper Application

[Q1] What is your in-game name? Awesomebeastly08

[Q2] How often are you on the server? I get on every week day for about 10-60 minutes, which can be longer if I become a helper. On Weekends for a couple of hours.

[Q3] Why do you want to be a Helper? Because I love helping people with anything that they need and making this server the friendliest and the most helpful possible. Another reason that I would like to become a helper is to learn more about this amazing, friendly, and helpful server.

[Q4] Will you prioritize helping others and answering questions over other things? I will make my biggest priority helping other with anything that they need.

[Q5] Do you think you have sufficient knowledge to answer many questions that are put to you? I will answer as many question as i can even if it mean I have to Google the answer.

[Q6] Tell us about you? I am a 14 year old young man that loves anything building related and I love helping people because of that special feeling that feels like your a super hero. I always have lots of time after school to play on my computer. I was born in Uruguay, but I was only 1 year old until I moved to the U.S. and I speak, write, and type English very well.

Very well written, sir. +1 and best of luck (:

Good app, haven’t noticed you on very much but maybe different time zones? Still though good app +1.

Good job.
Very well written

Very well written
Amazing Job

yes, i saw you on the server today and u complained when i beat u to helping :slight_smile: no offense. +1. it’s obvious u love helping

GG! Thank you

This is a well written app, and I see you help sufficiently. So, here is my +1.

Very we’ll written and you help quite a lot 1+

Nice app. Considering that quite a few people have recommended you, you gain my +1. However I would improve your grammar if I were you. :stuck_out_tongue:

This is locked due to requests from the applicant.
EDIT: Said applicant has requested that this is unlocked and has also apologised for his actions. This application is now open again.

Forwarding to testing phase

This Application has been accepted.