[Accepted] Augustine's Ban Appeal

So I(Augustina) was recently helping out a guest about creating a private server. So I typed which was the most common IP address for most people. And since the server(which I don’t blame) thought I was “advertising” and I ended up getting banned. I was confused because I never saw anything about IP addresses at /warp rules. So please unban me since it wasn’t intentional. Thank you and I hope to hear from admins(you) very soon ! :smiley: (EDIT) I made a mistake in the title. My characters name is Augustina [EDIT…AGAIN] Well I didn’t read the format for unban appeals. I’m sorry but I can’t answer q4 because my “English” is not… Well I wouldn’t say bad but it ain’t good either. I’m sure hope you find this “acceptable” and please if it’s Avery reading this, please don’t be a grammar Nazi and “correct” every mistake I did cause I’m in a rush. Here’s the link mentioned in the format dark-gaming.com/ban/0

And thanks again !
Sincerly, Augustina


/warp rules is currently incomplete. I believe it mentions it on the final sign.
I’d like you to read the rules and quote the rule which you broke.

Read the entirety of the rules. If you have any questions on them, ask below.

If you wish to tell IPs, you may always use /w.

One of the many times I had gotten banned during the "testing"phase of that anti-advertising system, was when I had used /w (a person) (a gyazo link). Unless Rofle fixed that, id say dont even use /w, just steam add, tell them the info, then steam remove them. (Gyazo and ips have a certain number of uninterupted numbers that make it count as the reason for an auto-ban)

Then post the gyazo link on Phase, duh…

Okay so what do i do now ?

I already told you in my first reply.

Okay i read them all. But one thing tho. Can’t we srsly do SOMETHING about PvP spawn kills ? Lets say my internet got cut and im glitched there. Thus my character will run in the backround and other players can take advantage of my character while im afk. I mean i CAN come up with a solution. But i doubt its effective. More like its impossible. Actually im being stupid about this design. BUT ill try to come up with something. :smiley:

The PvP spawn killing problem is being worked on.

“Section 1- Chat rules #10 Advertising”

A tad more specific? What is contained in section, that’s specific to the rule you broke?

I displayed a Ip Address.

#10 Advertising
Publicly displaying, trying to display or sending anything closely related to a foreign IP or domain is forbidden. This includes IPv6, IPv4 and local network IP addresses. If you are wanting to tell friends of another server, use “/w” to directly chat to the player. You are allowed to advertise a domain such as “youtube.com” as it is already commonly known and not directly associated with our servers content and environment.”

You now understand the rules, yes?

You just Copy/Pasted Everything…

Am i done here ? ;-;

Yep. Just state that you now understand the rules, or, if you do not; ask any questions you have about them.

Its 100% Clear

Appeal Accepted
Welcome back.