[Accepted] Aerizio's Ban Appeal

[Q1] Provide the Ban link or number: https://dark-gaming.com/ban/4655

[Q2] Did you break the rules knowingly?
This question is sort of hard to answer, because it states i was using a modified client and seemed to be “flying without wings” yet i am 100% sure i wasn’t. So no, i don’t think i broke the rules knowingly because i don’t think i actually broke any rules in the first place.

[Q3] Do you think your Ban was fair? If not, please provide a reason.
I don’t believe my ban is fair, because like i said previously, i was banned for using a modified client and yet i wasn’t.

[Q4] Why should we unban you?
Firstly, i would like to emphasize the fact that i was not using a modified client at all. Not only do i have literally no reason to use one, but i don’t even know how to use one. To start out, from what it looks like, i was using no wings. However that accessory slot was completely empty as shown by T-inv. If i were to hack, then i would have filled the accessory slot instead of leaving it empty, because otherwise it would provide a disadvantage to me instead of an advantage. Considering that most of the hackers tend to use hacks in order to gain an unfair advantage, it would not make sense for me to hack to bring a disadvantage to me.
Secondly, it is possible that it could have been either completely coincidental or perhaps a bug that caused my wings not to appear in T-inv. It could be a coincidence because i could’ve been changing my wings at the time the page was reloaded; i like to change the prefixes on my accessories between “Quick” and “Menacing”. This can also be reinforced by something i tried a few minutes after my ban. I asked Big Russ to change his wings, and when i reloaded the page after he changed it appeared that there was no wings in the slot - similar to what i think was seen on my T-inv. alternatively,(although unlikely) it could have just simply been a bug of my wings not appearing. I believe the optimal solution here would have been to make me rejoin first, because that could have fixed the issue, in the case of it being a bug.
In conclusion, i’d like to end it by reiterating on how i do not use a modified client. Consider that i have been playing here for a while now - about 5 ~ 6 months. why would someone like me, who has spent lots of time and effort on this server, suddenly start hacking? not only would it be a foolish thing to do, but it wouldn’t make any sense to do so. I have been as honest as i can be here, and i hope that you will consider this information carefully,
perhaps leading to me being unbanned. Thanks for reading.

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Although I am in no way required to, I will provide some proof as to why you were banned. Here’s a clip of you flying. At the time you had no wings on.

I physically loaded your loadout, and it had no wings in the accessory slot. You had no wings on for several minutes, so it was clearly not just you swapping out the prefix.

This slot being open is not definitive proof of you not hacking. You could have left it open simply to make this excuse if caught.

[quote=AeriZio] I believe the optimal solution here would have been to make me rejoin first, because that could have fixed the issue, in the case of it being a bug.
This would just allow a hacker to disable his modifications and then turn them back off after being checked. Anyone could simply claim their hacks as a “bug.”

Based on the evidence we have not correlated with the information in your appeal, I will have to mark it as denied.

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I understand. Then, based upon my assumptions, is it impossible for me to get unbanned regardless?

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Due to the low severity of this, I am going to unban you. However, if this issue occurs again, you will be rebanned so we can further investigate.

Appeal is accepted.

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