AbrasaX's Appeal

[Q1] Provide the Ban link or if none, the reason
Link: Ban

[Q2] Did you break the rules knowingly?
No (Fixing my last appeal)

[Q3] Do you think your Ban was fair? If not, please provide a reason.

[Q4] Why should we unban you?
As stated before, didn’t joined with my cellular data (phone) to explicitaly break the rules.
Never cheated, I play constantly, I like this server and their unique dimensions, besides Survival, that never draws my attention.
I don’t hold any wishes to break the rules knowingly nor I have to.
That’s all what I have to say.


On the 1st appeal your reply to Q2, whether the rule break happened was knowingly was a somehow contradicting reply. Also note that the appeal was posted at 2023-05-23T17:08:00Z, 1 hour after the ban evasion at 2023-05-23T16:09:00Z.

In the first appeal you say in a funny tone that you just logged in with your phone in the server after explaining to you why I think, you evaded. Due to this text and its tone it was for me clear that you knowingly entered on your phone the server.

Thus I denied your first appeal, as I knew the ban evasion happened knowingly.

On the 2nd appeal I explained to you again why I thought you evaded your ban knowingly and explained that evading is breaking a rule while being banned and leads to instant denial of the appeal.

In the 2nd appeal you say you broke the rules (“the rules” is now including your ban evasion) knowingly but in Q4 you deny that entering the server while officially being banned is ban evasion, which is why I added that I don’t trust you in following the rules if unbanned anymore.

Now, 2 days after your 2nd appeal you say you didn’t break the rules knowingly which sounds even more contradicting due to the jump in the answer.

In the previous 2 appeals I have explained you why entering the server while being officially banned is breaking the rules in the reason of the denial of the appeal.

In a nutshell: Due to your ban evasion you have lost your ability to appeal. Thus this appeal is denied. Do not make another appeal immediately, otherwise it may be seen as spam.