about survival

why does my avatar in survival look like a girl, how to change it cause im not a girl, i really want to go survival though.

edit : in other gamemodes i still look normal

In survival mode, it forces your character to look the way it looked when you registered your account on the server. You must’ve initially accidentally made your character female and then registered your account on the server. Don’t worry, though! If you change your character’s gender at a dresser in the survival mode, it’ll fix it. :slight_smile:

Can somebody help me fix a bug that I got recently? When I joined survival on mobile, there was invisible entities that kept killing me forced me to delete my terraria data and rejoin the server. When I joined the server I magically had 500 health and my previous loot was gone. Can somebody help resolve this and restore my old loot?

Well you can’t recover your old loot since you deleted your Terraria data, however, you can spawn them via /i

The problem has been solved. Thank you!