Ability Suggestion: Outburst!

What this ability will do is fuel your inner wrath and unleash it on your foes! This is mainly an ability to prevent being overwhelmed which happens a lot. This would also light you on fire due to its name, Outburst.

  • Pros:
    Slowly gain a damage increase of x0.2 every round and it would cap at x2.5 damage.
    It would inflict the On Fire! debuff to enemies you successfully hit with your weapon. Your knockback would nearly be doubled

  • Cons:
    It is very bad to use this while in the first round due to low health so it forces you to gain health. While active, it cannot be put out without dying/leaving. It would continually lower your defense by 1 every 15 seconds due to being on fire (Basically, your armor would be ‘melting’) [This option may not be possible]

This ability can only be used once every 5-8 rounds to prevent spam. As the rounds continue to progress, so does the damage dealt to you with this active. At rounds 1-5, you would take the normal damage from the On Fire! debuff which is, I believe, 1 damage every 0.5 seconds. At rounds 6-11, you would gain the Cursed Flames debuff. At rounds higher than 15, this would become all 4 debuffs: On Fire!, Cursed Flames, Poisoned, and Venom debufs. If you can possibly get to round 20 or over, you would have barely any regen abilities, your damage would jump to x3.5, walking on the ground will cause you to gain the debuff that you get from running on Hellstone/Metorite/certain houses in Hell. Ill see if I can replicate this in the normal game and I will provide gifs of how it happens to give a better understanding!

Wouldn’t maps with water or even small paddles be able to put out the fire making it an easy abuse/exploit?


Actually it would keep the debuff running such as switching to Cursed Flames instead of the On Fire! debuff to prevent abuse


This would cause you to take more damage while being in water than on land as cursed flames does more damage