A Request

This message is directed to Rofle, I’ve been trying to get his attention for a while and Vic suggested I post a thread.
Now, as you know, I used to be Items Manager a month back, but was demoted as I didn’t put in enough effort. My request is to have another go at the role of managing Items. If I get another chance at Items Manager I’ll prioritize it over absolutely anything on the server, even spend hours just standing there showing people stuff and what to do, etc. Plus, it’ll give me a reason to be more active. I hope you can accept my request and I will do a better job if i get another chance

However, there are many reasons against this. You don’t seem to act like a person with authority should. All members of DG, unless violators of the rules, should be treated well, but you have messages that display otherwise. Given the prior trials, there is no proof you had interest on taking your role as Manager seriously as in the end executive decisions had to be made by me to further the Items Dimension.

Furthermore, we are now exiting the summer break, if you haven’t already, so it is less likely you will be able to improve on these problems.

We all agree on Raz’s sometimes bad behavior displayed in messages directed towards others, one thing I sure know he’s doing wrong. And yeah, Raz had to take more care about Items he was managing, there is still 1.3.5 items missing, from what I see. But if he takes serious promise to take better care of what he does, then maybe he should be given a second chance. I guess Raz can still do something if he focuses more on DG during weekends.

Yes, I agree, I have shown disrespect to some people. What I’m asking for is another chance, to show you that I’ve changed. The end of summer won’t effect my work much as I already have the ability to log on for over 2 hours a day. If I get another chance at my job, I swear on my life I’ll do everything to show you that I can act like someone with authority; someone you can trust. I’ll stop immediately with my shit talking other players, and I know that I’ve lost others’ trust in me, including most of yours, so I hope you find it in yourself to forgive me and give me another chance.