A New Server

Hey Guys,
As most of you know I have become a YouTuber, and started a Ranger LP. I have had many requests from people wanting to do a multiplayer LP with me, but I dont have a proper Steam.(Well, I do but it cant launch Terraria) I would like to ask Rofle if I could start a new server, that he could run 24/7. Yes, I fully understand that I might need to pay for it, but every video I make will be advertising DG. It doesnt need TShock, just needs to be a place where me and a few others can go and record for youtube. You might be asking why I or other people make a server ourselves. That is because non-steam Users cannot join steam integrated servers and most of the people dont have steam.
So please, Rofle, Allow me to run a 24/7 survival server. If the LP is successful, we could turn it into a SSC server.
Please Rofle. I am begging you.

If you’re going to pay Rofle you may as well buy your own server.
No point hassling Rofle over it when you could just do it yourself

Blanc has a point. It would be easier to pay for a server yourself than give Rofle more work than he already has.