a new mode

I have always wanted a survival thing so 1-4 players are warped to a house and then zombies and monsters that are ON THE GROUND (walking) on the sides of the house and they go until they all die.

This actually sounds really fun, but make it so there are like rounds. Such as In red(The sentences only appear to the people in survival) Round 1;50 zombies. Then it should build up to all the bosses. I believe this would make the server a lot more fun to knew members. I don’t know if you are capable of making this, but if you are, it would be fun. Also, this is just a suggestion, so please don’t tell me it’s a stupid idea. Thank you

There’s already an Apocalypse mod which this might work with.
But its generally too easy with high-end gear.

Hmm… Maybe if you could set it so when you enter, all your items get temporarily disabled, and you get supplied with like cobalt armor, and fiery great sword. It could be different, but that’s just an idea.

thx for liking my idea its just something I have wanted to do so :slight_smile: ps if you can make this possible thank you so much :slight_smile:

chenaley that could work!

i like chenaley’s additions :stuck_out_tongue: they sound fuuun!

actually maybe we can have the apocolypse you get adamantite armor and a nights edge and it spawns hard mode enemies at day dawn and night near npc even the player and bosses spawn more than once even in groups!

actually that would be a great idea

Meh, you could possibly mess up player inventories if the server used SSC. If this mode goes live, it might be worth considering a new world specific for it, to allow a different config file to be used.

That or a regional SSC plugin would have to be pulled.

It don’t like SSC honestly. I wouldn’t trust it.

Then you can’t do that.

You could try to mess with buffs and debuffs, making it easier/harder.

Enerdy, I like your idea. If I was to host another server, there’d be no point unless it somehow incorporated server-side inventory. It’d just be another freebuild server, which wouldn’t really serve purpose. But besides that, I could setup different short term survival worlds such as normal survival, planetoids, capture the gem, or any other game modes you guys would like to see.

oooh cool!


Sounds like a cool idea.

We should have CTF, except that we can send out minions (zombies, skeletons, and if we save up enough, we can send out bosses.) to attack the other teams’ bases (all the other teams: Red, green. yellow, blue). And the goal of this is to get all 4 flags to your portal, where you teleport into another world and have to bring those flags to 4 specific locations in the world (all worlds are as large as they can be). And as this is happening, players will be fighting all throughout the map(underground, space, Hell, jungle, corruption/crimson etc.). If there is a problem with the flags (it glitches or something) then we will bring 2 sacrifices to a lihzahrd altar in the middle of the map to resummon all 4. When you put all 4 flags in their respective areas, you will need to find the parts to build a switch to put at the Lihzahrd altar. After you have put said switch into it’s slot, detonate the 4 nuclear flags, thus destroying that world and freeing the demons trapped in Hell in that world, then you must find and harvest all the demon spirits and refine them into Universal energy, which you can control the universe with. The first team to control the universe wins, after victory, the winning team will have a party in which they can invite any of the other teams if they want. Then it all starts all over again. 250-1000 players will be on each team, mods/plugins will have to be made, all players do not need to have the same gear, gear will not be provided. the following must be provided though: Hearts, stars, heart crystals, mana stars, potions of all kind, and pets(yes I said pets). It can only be on softcore otherwise people will rage if they get killed within the first centillionth of a second. there will be a safezone to buy/sell items, there will also be a healing station there. (sorry for the lack of grammar in this comment, I was rushing so I could finish this before my genius moment faded away.)

Well, we DID have CTF at one point. Idk what happened to it.

That’s a pretty long post, Azer195.

As a heads-up, you cannot control which player mobs attack with finesse. It might be possible to make players in one team less targetable than the rest, but never immune. This means that teams could be attacked by their own mob spawns. Kappa.

Even if somehow a server hosted that amount of players, it should be noted that Terraria has a hard-coded limit of 256 players, since the players[] array only allocates 256 slots (from 0 to 255). :stuck_out_tongue: