A Comprehensive Guide to DTP

DTP (Dark Trading Post) is the website that allows you customize your ingame Dark Gaming appearance. By equipping various titles, colors, and CMDs, you are able to stand out from the rest and grow your profile.

DTP link


Logging in

In order to log into your DTP inventory, you have to enter your ingame username and password.
If faced with account issues such as forgetting your password or username restrictions, read through the Account Management Guide.
After identifying your problem, contact a staff member on the Forums or the Discord server.


Your Inventory

All Titles, Tags, Colors, and CMDs (listed as Special) are obtained through loot boxes that are gained by leveling up and by voting at https://terraria-servers.com/server/90/vote/.

Crew Crew

Upgrade to crew: https://dtp.dark-gaming.com/#crew

Crew and its perks are obtained after one pays 2.00 Credits (40 days of voting)
(or 50k DP but realistically nobody is going to do that)

Crew grants you the following abilities in their respective dimensions:

  • Build - Build outside Sandbox
  • PvP - /tp , might be more (yes people have had Crew removed for abusing /tp before)
  • Items - Nothing
  • Survival - Summon bosses and Housing permissions
  • PvE - /tp (teleport to Lego-Bot)
  • Zombies - Grants Telekinesis

XP CamelotEarlyInventory2

XP is short for Experience Points. Increasing your XP makes you rank up and gifts you with random loot boxes. Your XP requirement to level up will be displayed on the top right of your screen.

You will not receive a loot box until around level 20. It’s weird, but thankfully it’s easy to reach.

How to gain XP

XP is only gained by killing players in PvP, killing bosses in PvE, completing rounds in Gamemodes (Zombies), and by voting at https://terraria-servers.com/server/90/vote/.

Once you reach the XP threshold, you will rank up, and your XP requirement will increase.



Credits are the least valuable currency in the DG economy. The only use for Credits are creating custom items, getting Crew, and trading with other players.

How to gain Credits

Vote with your dtp / ingame username at https://terraria-servers.com/server/90/vote/
Each vote grants you 0.05 credits.
1 full credit (20 days of voting) allows you to create a custom title or tag. It unlocks the Craft tab.



DP stands for DarkPoints and is the primary currency of the Dark Gaming economy.

DP allows you to purchase inventory size upgrades, items from the shop, and compete in player item auctions.
Further detail below.

How to gain DP

DP can be obtained through killing players in PvP, killing bosses in PvE, completing rounds in Gamemodes (Zombies), and by cashing in Metals (a rare DTP item ranging from r1 to r9).

Metals as of right now are the best way of obtaining and storing DP.
You can sell Metals directly from your inventory by right-clicking them and selecting Sell. The DP is automatically deposited into your account, but it will take many seconds.

Metal values

Rarity Ore type DP output
1 Copper ore 500
2 Silver ore 2,000
3 Copper bar 4,500
4 Silver bar 8,000
5 Gold ore 12,000
6 Platinum ore 18,000
7 Gold bar 25,000
8 Platinum bar 32,000
9 Coal 45,000



Levels are what grant you Tier 1 & 2 loot boxes, this is separate from the loot boxes obtained by voting.

Tier 1 boxes grant you 1 item, Screenshot 2024-06-29 205001
Tier 2 grant you 2 items, Screenshot 2024-06-29 205005
Vote loot boxes grant you 3 items. Screenshot 2024-06-29 205012

Be noted that you will not receive a ranking-earned loot box until around level 20. It’s weird, but luckily it’s an easy milestone to reach.

Levels History

Big Russ, an inactive moderator had the highest possible level, however you won’t see his name on the leaderboards. That’s because he reached the 32-bit integer limit (2,147,483,647) for XP, causing all of his stats to wrap back around to -1.
He asked Rofle (The server owner) to reset his level to 0, and Rofle did so accordingly.
Big Russ continued to grind levels at an alarming rate (iirc he got to around lvl 350 after his level reset), causing Rofle himself to heavily nerf XP Efficiency (an xp multiplier) to the point of obsolescence.

Screenshot 2024-06-24 200202

DO NOT INTERACT WITH THIS TAB! It is insanely buggy, takes all your DP if interacted incorrectly, and drains extremely quickly because of the event shared above.




This tabs brings you to your inventory, editing the URL can allow you to view other player’s dtp inventories.
Normal link:

Edited link:

When it comes to viewing players who’s username has more than 1 character like @lamplight15, you can view their inventory via the trading tab. Just don’t finalize a trade and you won’t lose DP.

@Legolas’s DTP link is unique because of the hashtag in their username preventing you from viewing their DTP inventory by editing the URL.
The only way to view their inventory is by clicking a link.


The Explore page displays unique player and server stats, it shows the richest players, the poorest players, and the players with the highest level.

DP info shares total users DP, DP in rotation, and how much DP each dimension has to offer.

View in-game Inventories brings you to another Dark Gaming connected website that shows you the players and their inventories in a certain dimension. TInv


The Upgrades page is where you go to spend DP to get more inventory space.
By default you start with a 3x5 space (-1 thanks to the trash slot) which equates to 14 spaces.

Each upgrade you make extends your inventory vertically or horizontally by 1, granting you much more space.
I myself have purchased many upgrades, and my inventory is currently a 9x12 rectangle (-1 because of the trash slot) granting me 107 slots to store with titles, tags, colors, cmds, and loot boxes.

Special Slots increase the section on your “hotbar” where your CMDs go. Each upgrade allows you to fit one more CMD permission for your use.

Screenshot 2024-06-24 202142


The shop is unique because there isn’t just one shop, there are many, and which one you have access to depends on your level. They are listed as different fictional cities.

Level Requirement Shop Access
lvl 0 - lvl 49 Village of Dakota
lvl 50 - lvl 149 Town of Velucia
lvl 150 - 199 City of Jaeori
lvl 200 - ??? Metropolis of Vahal

The shop sells a variety of titles, tags, and colors each ranging from r6 to r10

Titles & tags:
r6 = 2,000 DP
r7 = 4,000 DP
r8 = 8,000 DP
r9 = 9,000 DP
r10 = 10,000 DP

r6 = 15,000 DP
r7 = 22,500 DP
r8 = 30,000 DP
r9 = 45,000 DP
r10 = 60,000 DP

You can check an item’s rarity and price by hovering your cursor over it*
Be careful if you are on mobile because one simple press will register that as a purchase.
You will NOT purchase an item if you do not have sufficient funds. You cannot go into debt.

*Sometimes hovering your cursor won’t reveal an item’s price & information. Keep refreshing the page until it fixes itself.


Trading is the most social feature in DTP. It allows you to trade items, credits, or DP with another player.
When initiating a trade remember that CAPITAL LETTERS MATTER and it will cost you 50 DP after finalizing.

Upon starting a trade, you are brought back to your inventory but without the ingame preview.
Here you can select an item from your inventory to trade, this is not limited to just items as you can instead choose to trade Credits and/or DP.



After selecting what to trade, you are ready to hit Request Trade. It will be up to the recipient whether or not to accept your trade request.

Don’t forget about that 50 DP initiation fee.


The Craft tab is unlocked when you reach 1.00 Credits. (20 days of voting)


Craft an Item:

  • Free reign in your item description and name, don’t be offensive!
  • You cannot create custom colors.
  • Each tag or title made using this method will be given a rarity of 11, however this does not make them more valuable than an r10.

Craft a Random Item:

  • Minimum of 0.05 credits, grants you a low rarity item.
  • Maximum of 0.75 credits, grants you a guaranteed r9 item, on rare occasions you’ll get an r10. These are extremely valuable.

r9 item example:

r10 item example: