A cmnd for mobile users

Ever since the anticheat was released, crafting in survival has been a pain. So I think a cmnd like /craft would be useful.
Im pretty sure this would be useless for pc players but it would help for mobile players (like me)

Or if theres already a way to craft things like armor pls tell me


anticheat got disabled for mobile users ever since the 1.4.3 crossover update came to mobile. This won’t be necessary.


Dude, just update to 1.4.3. I got mine updated and I only have slight issues with the crafting ex: (Inventory cant be sorted properly, stacks not validating when buying), though just minor issues with no effect on my performance using mobile.


i guess im still having a little problems but as you guys said it doesnt really affect the performance. Alr thanks

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Dont worry too much about it, you can still reach pro with mobile it just takes time… too much time to be honest hehehe. Welp hoping we meet each other in game, be friends, and just have fun​:sweat_smile::grin: