A Bug Maybe?

Hello there. I noticed a little bug going on with PVP kills. I told UnarmedBox about it and he didn’t know what it was either. There’s a player with the name of {} Berserker {} who would get a kill streak, die and retain his kill streaks. Unarmed might thing that he’s doing it on purpose but I think it has to do with those brackets around his name. I tried making a character named {} Frenzy {} and trying the same thing but I wouldn’t get a kill streak.

So UnarmedBox volunteered to let me kill him 5 times (For Science!) to obtain the kill streaks. He then killed me right after and I didn’t lose the kill streak. So I believe this little bug has to do with the brackets around the user’s name. Just letting the forums know. PIECES!

Yes I noticed that when he was on befor. The next plugin update will fix this issue.

Alright. Thanks for looking into it.