4 people arguing in chat with breaking several chat rules (racism, s*xual text, political talk)

Character Name of Offender
:red_circle: Prince (The OG)
:yellow_circle: aanikaa
:green_circle: airin
:large_blue_circle: AbrasaX

Dimension(s) of offences
:red_circle: Prince (The OG) - items, pvp
:yellow_circle: aanikaa - items
:green_circle: airin - items
:large_blue_circle: AbrasaX - pvp

Rule(s) broken
:red_circle: Prince (The OG) - S1#5 Profanity (F, C, M and A word, calling people stupid), S1#4 Discrimination, S1#6 Sxual talk (β€œC… suckers”) (ban due to number of offences)
:yellow_circle: aanikaa - S1#6 S
xual talk (T and B word) (warning)
:green_circle: airin - S1#1 Spam and S1#4 Racism (N word) (ban)
:large_blue_circle: AbrasaX - S1#4 Discrimination (warning)

Evidence of offence(s)

Approximate date & time of offence in UTC
2022-10-08, 3 AM UTC (@Eltralor pmmed me those pics, they are UTC+9)

Currently online


I saw that Prince (OG) entered today (oct 09) the C word at 11:30 am utc:

Repeated offence: Profanity


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