1.3.1-22nd May 2016

Hi there,
As some of you will know, 1.3.1 will be released on the 22nd of May, and I was wondering what will become of DG then. cough V6 SPAWN cough As the update will add quite a bit of new wiring mechanisms and blocks, will they be added to the fancy shenanigans that are already in DG? And im guessing there will be a server reset too… RIP Arena Of The Future ;-; (cri evertim) Anywho, If you could please let me know about the stuff that will be coming up in 1.3.1, please post on the thread down below. Thx for reading, and Cya in 1.3.1!

No server reset or new spawn.

But the free items will be updated, right? And we need a new version of TShock. (Sry if im wrong, i nub at servers xD)